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 Unlimited cosmic power!!!

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George Clooney

George Clooney

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Unlimited cosmic power!!! Empty
PostSubject: Unlimited cosmic power!!!   Unlimited cosmic power!!! EmptySun Jul 12, 2009 4:27 am

If you had the power to change anything including the laws of physics what would you change and why? Its a tough question if you realy try to put any real thought in it, but do your best. feel free to better the world or use your power just personal gains

1.Because I like to sit on my high horse and judge all you meat bags first thing I would do is make my self a fusion of these two king farao (anyone eslse notice the pharo thing is spelled wrong? now that i notice, alot of these are spelled wrong)
2. I would make it impossibe to sue somone for helping you(unless the person was completly negligent and the term would be judged on an idividual basis)
3. I would match every person in the world (who were litrate) with a book completly compatible with their likes and dislikes.
4.make slapping some senes into somone a legal action if deemed a good move by jury
5.legalize dueling so long as both parties are consenting
6.remove any leader who is unwilling to point out a real fault in themselves
7.being in politics requires a real aptitude test not the bs ones for a political science degree(Siagon i have no idea what your major is and i aplologize if anyone is offended by this)
8.create more programs for above adverage IQ children(afterschool programs or even day/ overnight camps)
9.Lower the age of sexual consent to 16(I belive that at 16 and you can drive, you are capable of making other kinds of descisoins about life(and death))
10.make people stop wanting to kill the jews(your welcome jewsus)
11.ban any invention that would make school a short term thing(no smart pills or computers attached to your brain) (school is a growing experience, especialy primary education. I for one, with the exception of math, learned almost nothing new in my senior year but did a great deal of maturing and turned into the wonderful individual you all know and love.)
12.you can not have a child if you are incapable of supporting it(No i wont make the world a utopia/distopia thing. The random chaos and general mayham are what make the world beautiful and unique. Putting everyone in a super suite that was indestructable and protected you all around would just make things dull and passionless)
14. make new and more extreme sports safer and more avalible to the masses(roller derbys are awsome)
15.make people not worry about silly things such as there being no number 13 on this list.(stress gives you wrinkles)
16.make marrige more binding and require a 1 year trial live in with your partner (force people to realy know each other)
17. bring more recognition to ice hockey as a sport(go sharks)
18.keep others from aquiring to much influence (Oprah fans will do and belive anyting she says. she spent years gaining your trust and she could split the country in two if she wanted)
19.remove all std's and sti's (seriously the worst way to get sick in the world)
20.leagalize pot(I don't do drugs but seriously, I was watching a documentry and they had a CA congressmen state that California alone could collect $20,000,000 in taxes were it legalized, not to metion you could add a special tax similar to ciggeretes and alchohol.)
21.Improve my spelling
22.get myself a new girlfriend...or several (its good to be the king )
23.Grant siagon the renown post of Master of Chaos (it comes with a cape and a sweet throne, maybe even a suite of armor)
24.Require that everyone visit a therapist once every 6 months(more if nessisary)
25.make a movie where humans are the evil alien invaders bent on destrucion(Witch is actualy more likley to be true than the opposite)

The list goes on but its 3:30 in the morning and I appologize for the rant/long post
Please give your ideas some real thought and dont just give 2 sentence answers. lol!
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Unlimited cosmic power!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Unlimited cosmic power!!!   Unlimited cosmic power!!! EmptyWed Jul 15, 2009 8:31 pm

1. Improve Clooneys spelling
2. Eliminate Social Awkwardness
3. Give every old person an opportunity to tell kids to get off their lawns
4. Meet some of the good friends I've made on the web
5. Have every politician be forced to decrease the national debt by a significant amount during their time in office
6. Take the corruption out of politics
7. Make everyone think for themselves (Too any people are lemmings)
8. Get rid of mental retardation (downs syndrome *spelling?* and others)
9. make sure everyone is qualified for the work they do
10. Improve my many faults
12. Make a joke about there being no #11

More to come later
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Unlimited cosmic power!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Unlimited cosmic power!!!   Unlimited cosmic power!!! EmptyWed Jul 29, 2009 12:49 am

If I had the power to change anything...

1) The hospital/healthcare system. I'm tired of my loved ones dying or almost.

2) The 'culture' here where I live or whatever you call it kind of mentality that drives kids/people to keep up with the joneses and the image that 'every woman weights exactly 100lb has DD breasts and 5" circumference waist with straight blonde hair and blue eyes yadayada'

3) Immaturity and drama queens - does not belong in my workplace. GFTO my lawn.

4) Ability to freeze time - so I can efficiently cram 20 hours of studying into a 1 hour time slot.

5) Assimiliation of the internet - let's make 'reading' and 'surfing' obsolete, from now on you just download the entire interwebs and you know it, like the Matrix.

6) Every high school graduate who does not know exactly what they want to with themselves needs to go travel the world and then come back and decide they want to do something different than be a full time wellfare mommy at hooters. Doctor and teacher shortages will be a thing of the past.

7) All of the bums should be shot.
7.1) All of the crazy people, shot.
7.2) All of the super wierd people, shot.
7.3) Any illegal who tries to take my job, shot.

Cool All of the idiots are either shot on the spot or have to redo the last four years of their education.

9) No intersection automatic camera photo enforcement ticket system!!! F that! It doesnt work because a computer cannot understand 'common sense' and 'saftey'.
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Unlimited cosmic power!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Unlimited cosmic power!!!   Unlimited cosmic power!!! EmptyWed Jul 29, 2009 10:50 am

One word: ApostleCorp.

Though K-Bone will be the only one to know what I'm talking about, probably.
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Unlimited cosmic power!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Unlimited cosmic power!!!   Unlimited cosmic power!!! Empty

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Unlimited cosmic power!!!
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