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 Video Game Ideas

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PostSubject: Video Game Ideas   Video Game Ideas EmptyWed Aug 19, 2009 8:53 pm

I don't know about you guys, but I have ideas for games all the time (usually when I'm in the shower), so I figured I'd make a thread for myself and anyone like-minded.

So here's my most recent idea: The Curse.

You're a truck driver who buses supplies to and from a secluded town in rural Japan. You've only been at it for about three or so months, but it's long enough to get acquainted with the town and the people in it. A freak blizzard hits on your way up to the town, and you get into a wreck right outside of it. You head into the town looking for repair supplies, only to find out (after lots of lonely wandering) that the town's denizens have been transformed into ghoulish creatures. Cue game start.

- Only three weapons in the game: a revolver from your glove compartment with six bullets (twelve on 'easy'), a shotgun that you can only carry eight shells for, and a shovel. Neither the revolver nor the shotgun can outright kill the ghouls (unless you score a point-blank headshot), you have to knock them down with one of the firearms and then hack their heads off with the shovel. You can fire from the hip, but it'll be much less accurate than aiming. However, aiming slows you down considerably. Also, there's no ammo counter on screen at all times even though you can check to see how much ammo you have left.
- There are three meters to monitor: a health bar, a sanity bar, and a heart-rate meter. In order to restore health (either from accidents or ghoul encounters), you'll have to remain stationary (or move at an extraordinarily slow pace) while patching yourself up with first aid kits, which don't restore your health immediately, but rather restore your health slowly over time depending on how fast you're moving (standing still or sitting restores the fastest, sprinting will cause the increase to be hardly noticeable). The sanity bar changes depending on who (or what) you're looking at; the longer you directly look at ghouls, the faster it will deplete. The sanity meter affects how accurately you aim (even when lining up shots), as well as slowly increasing your heart rate. When your sanity depletes down to the red, you temporarily gain a huge strength advantage, letting you move much faster and doing much more damage with your shovel. However, if you stay like that for too long instead of getting away from the ghouls (or killing them all), your sanity may deplete entirely, causing you to lose control of your character and (nine times out of ten) die. The last meter, the heart-rate, also affects how your character handles: you can sprint, but if you keep it up too long (there's no auto-stop), you might collapse. Being in-combat and taking damage also raise your heart-rate. Conversely, if you spend too much time out in the snow without properly covering up, your heart-rate will slowly decrease, slowing your movements and reflexes, eventually resulting in death if you don't get inside quick enough.
- The Ghouls, while certainly intimidating, aren't omniscient in the least; you can hide using an intuitive, Gears of War-gone-first person cover system, in closets, under beds, in boxes and even in snow drifts to avoid them (or launch surprise attacks if you're feeling lucky). However, all of this is done in first-person (no camera corner cheating), so if you want to peek around that hallway, you're gonna have to do it manually instead of just twisting the camera or side-stepping.
- While your choice of weapons is limited, your choice of equipment isn't: wear what you have to in order to survive; jeans and a t-shirt may not keep your warm for long, but it'll allow you a wider range of faster movement. On the other side, a parka and thick fur gloves will slow you down, but will provide substantially more protection both from the weather and from your enemies.
- The Ghouls themselves closely resemble the human beings from the town you knew, but can kill you quite easily. On top of that, however, they're quite unpredictable. Some may wander the streets in packs, others may hauntingly repeat activities from their human lives with maddening repetition; worse yet, some may not be hostile, but neutral or outright benevolent, just as confused about the situation as you are. Are you willing to get close enough to tell the difference?
- Unparalleled open-ended gameplay: you start the game with no idea where any supplies might be found, you create a map as you explore, and all sections of the town are open. If you want to simply scour the town for the necessary repair equipment and then get the hell out, you can certainly do that. However, if you wish to press deeper and uncover the terrible curse that plagues the town and (if possible) reverse it, you can do that as well, though it'll be exponentially more difficult. Then again, by the time you find out the circumstances surrounding the curse, you may not want to save the town at all...
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PostSubject: Re: Video Game Ideas   Video Game Ideas EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 1:35 am

I realy like the idea siagon but i question the number of gouls you could really have. in a small rural town in japan, encased in a blizzard no less would likely have fewer than 50 people ie. 50 gouls I suppose you could make it larger and the blizzard would be good enoug for stopping any traffic through the town.

Still that is definiltly somthing i would play/

My idea is a bit of the opposite

I would call it somthin like "the cavern" and it would be some tropical island that is being refurbished and turned into a hotel/ resort center. ON opening day the cavern is being used as some storage room under the main hotel where a young bus boy and prehaps a pretty guest sneak into it and find some old artifact or mirror(left by the previous native inhabitants or voodoo..ect.) or whatever and bump into it or break it releasing you the evil spirit.

It then becomes your job to rid your home of these thousands of guests (the investors did some expanding...whatever) you get to ues hundreds of enviormental effects like scaring someone into the dumbwaiter and then breaking the rope while your invisible or pushing people down stairs or better yet flights of stairs. you could fill the pool full of acid, lock a tanning bed shut. sauna+ sulfuroxide. tamper with fire extinguishers and light a match. You could dispaly yourself in an imposing form to an elderly person. push a bookshelf over.(pretty much anything you have ever seen in a horror movie.

all of this would be good fun, but you cannot to openly display yourself eles the investors might just decied to scrap the idea and resell the island to the natives who will in all lieklyhood trap you once more.

you would have an array of ghostly powers including: posession, invisiblity, some manipualtion of gravitly, interaction with small objects, control of the islands wildlife (sharks, birds of prey, ants), prehaps you could open sink holes or quicksand, trapping people in mirrors(this island is not controled by any nation so its a hot house for drugs and gangs) then releasing them at inopertune times(middle of a deal or a private session between two people)

You would only have 1 meter, your ghostly energy, it controls how much power you have to use your abilities and you can restore it by sending peopel to an early death , then colecting your souls. you are not omni potent either objects like silver or religious parapheniial can cause damage or weaken you when in their proximinty, (you could also do things like flip a cross upside down if it was hangging on a wall giving you a boost in your ghostly powers) (people would see this as odd though and would righten them eventualy.

OF course word is going to get out about the island no matter what you do(try to avoid killing people the same way over and over its to obvious) and you will attract ghost hunters (im talkin serious ghost busters) who will identify you and damage you very quickly. you may also gain a cult following who would be happy to takecare of them for you
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Video Game Ideas
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